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Today we woke up to the incredible news that Birthday Boy won the 2021 Co-op Iris Prize Festival Audience Award. 😮🏆

To know that Alex’s story has resonated with so many British people is an amazing feeling. At a time when our media seems determined to vilify trans and gender non conforming people, winning this award gives us hope for a brighter future within the U.K.

We would like to thank every single person that has helped us to create this film, and those that have and continue to support us on it’s journey.

Directed, co-written and produced by @Leo Lebeau

Co-written and produced by James Bell

Starring Sebastian Emerson, Selma Alkaff, Ted Reilly, Katie Pattinson, Paul Keating, Hannah McIver, Jaina Brock, Bex Hainsworth.

Director of Photography

Michael Filocamo

Production Designer

Ellen Beaufoy


Will Winfield

Casting Director

Sharon Sorrentino

Costume Designer

Simon Ekrelius


Saul Bragman

Sound Designer

Adam Shuttleworth

Associate Producers

Adrian Mani

Remi Rana Allen

Colin Merry

Line Producer

Emanuela Borruso

1st Assistant Director

Jonay Sevillano Regalado

2nd Assistant Director

Mireia G. Dalmau

3rd Assistant Director

Mathilde Levesque