Grindr Azulejo are a series of paintings created during a two week residency at OBRAS, Portugal in 2018.


Having spent some time in Lisbon before my residency, I became very inspired by the azulejo (blue-white tiles that cover the walls of many ancient houses and churches) and the way many present hyper-masculine figures.


As a gay, queer man, I was connecting with men in Lisbon through the app Grindr whilst visiting. I find it interesting the way we, as gay men, present ourselves when seeking a sexual partner online, and some beauty in the more vulnerable-perceived role of being passive.


The paintings are a combination of images I would receive, repurposed playfully in the limited colour palette of an azulejo tile.


The collection was shown as a solo exhibit at the end of the residency, and went on to exhibit in London at Protocol - Q Park (2018) curated by Vanya Balogh during Frieze week, and ATTRACT (2019) by Cultivate at BSMT Space in Dalston.