Hi guys, I have recently been working on a short film proposal called Birthday Boy. I’m proud to say that it was chosen by The National Film and Television School to be a part of their collaboration with Kickstarter. It’s my first time crowdfunding and I'm really excited to share this with you.

We are an LGBTQ+ crew telling the story of a Trans boy who celebrates his birthday through online gaming, away from the bullying he faces at an all girls school. It’s so rare to have a Transgender protagonist, and even more so a story of female to male. We’ve had so many achievements already. Our amazing ambassadors @cairo_leon @maxineheron @cambellkenneford @lor_voldemort and @hugohernandez.c have given us so much support and it’s been incredible to get to know them. We’ve had insane merch designed by Xavier Segers. We’ve had inspiring people from all over the world sharing their stories with us. One of my idols Jiggly Caliente has even been following and sharing our stories. So much keeps happening every day! The crowdfunding campaign is live until 2nd May. Take a look at our page for all the information - and make a pledge so that we can get this film off the ground! The link is below:


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